26 Aug 2016

Our Cutest Animation Rig So Far

Our Cutest Animation Rig So Far

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So there's a bit of controversy surrounding the design of Josie and I feel like a bit of an explanation might be owed.

One of our artists directed me to a comment that was left on our Facebook page regarding the design of Josie. Apparently, she may have a slight resemblance to my wife. Now, the truth of the matter is that I didn't actually design Josie, a very talented concept artist named Daniel Yu is responsible for her design, and to the best of my knowledge, he's never met my wife.  However - and I say this begrudgingly as I may incriminate myself - I did approve the final design so I may have played a small role in how she ended up looking.

Josie Animation Rig Concept by Daniel Yu

Josie animation rig concept

Now, if you knew my wife you might agree with me that the resemblance is not what I would call strong, but I can see where someone might see it. No matter though, once that Facebook comment made the rounds here at the studio, people began asking when they can get a character designed to look like their spouse/partner/child/pet/etc. Not only that, when the discussion came up about who gets to be next and who has to wait to be the last and things got a little heated. Since confrontation isn't really my thing, I thought I'd just publicly post our new policy here for everyone to read:

Going forward, we will not actively engage in designing characters to look like anyone's family member or friend. However, should a character accidentally resemble someone you know, you are free to claim the design as influenced by them.

Our next character is a winged gargoyle. I wonder who is going to claim that one?

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